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By Richard A. Roth

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This quantity within the Greenwood publications to Biomes of the World: sequence covers the freshwater biomes that exist in wetlands, ponds and lakes, and rivers and streams, analyzing all features that outline those biomes: plants, Geographical Distribution, demanding situations posed via the surroundings, edition of the crops and animals to the environment.

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For example, brown bears feast on salmon returning upstream to spawn, but no one would call them aquatic organisms. Mammals that do spend a significant part of their lives in freshwater include otters (family Mustelidae, subfamily Lutrinae) and a few other mustelids, beavers (family Castoridae), hippopotami (family Hippopotamidae), river dolphins (family Platanistoidae), and the Australian platypus (family Ornithorhinchidae). Some, like the otters, are predators, feeding on fish and invertebrates; others, like the hippos, graze aquatic plants.

Another limiting factor for 39 40 Freshwater Aquatic Biomes algal production commonly encountered in freshwater systems, including rivers, is the chemical element phosphorus, a major nutrient required by plants. Nitrogen is less commonly limiting in freshwater systems. Finally, periphyton abundance can be reduced by the physical wear and tear associated with floods. Sources of energy. The autotrophic algae described above, along with some photosynthesizing bacteria, are the sources of food energy produced in the stream.

Flamingos. ). These long-necked, brilliantly colored wading birds are widely distributed through Africa, southern Eurasia, and the Neotropics. While mostly found in saline or brackish environments, including salt lakes, they sometimes inhabit freshwater wetlands and lake margins in large numbers. Anseriformes. Ducks, geese, and swans. The family Anatidae contains more than 140 species of these familiar waterfowl. They are widely distributed; many are powerful fliers and migrate long distances. All are well adapted to aquatic environments, where they float on the surface and dive in shallow waters to feed on a wide variety of plants and invertebrates.

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