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By Patricia E. Grieve

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This comparative learn examines Floire and Blancheflor and indicates how medieval writers from Spain, France, Italy, England, and Scandinavia transformed this tale from the 12th during the 16th centuries to increase and emphasize social, political, non secular and inventive ambitions.

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Herzog argued that the French aristocratic was the first version known in Europe, and that it gave rise to the versions found in Germany, England, Scandinavia, and possibly Italy, while his category B first circulated in Italy, Spain and Greece, and served as a basis for the French popular version. He believed, however, that because Blancheflor's parents in the Italian, Greek and sixteenth-century Spanish romances are Italian, this version first took root in Italy and then gave rise to the French popular, that is to say that the French popular version was a fusion of the aristocratic and early versions known in Italy and Spain and represented by the Filocolo, Cantare di Fiorio e Biancifiore and the Spanish prose 5 Herzog's classification of the aristocratic and popular versions as A and B is not to be confused with later critics' classification of the French manuscripts as A and B (aristocratic) and D (popular).

One feature not found in any other version is that the parents of Blancaflor are pilgrims (as they are in the popular French), a count and countess of Provence, but their pilgrimage is in honor of the birth of their daughter, who is six months old at the time of her capture by Flores's father. Another odd feature is that Blancaflor's mother breastfeeds the infant Flores because the pagan father says "que la leche de la christiana era / mejor que la de los moros" (Rodriguez Herrero 153) ("that the Christian's milk was better than that of the Moors").

She considers the "social logic of the text" in which emerge, within the kind of writing these genealogical histories produce, the particular concerns of people during a particular historical moment (77). It is this idea of social logic that I will discuss shortly. Diego Catalan examines what he calls the "novelization" of historical material in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, in order to postulate a trend of monastic writings that had as their goal something related to the various monasteries and not simply an interest in a faithful recounting of history ("Poesia y novela").

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