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By Robert Fabbri

Vespasian is serving as an army officer at the outskirts of the Roman Empire, suppressing neighborhood problems and protecting the Roman manner. yet political occasions in Rome - Tiberius's more and more insane debauchery, the escalating grain concern - draw him again to the city.When Caligula turns into Emperor, Vespasian believes that issues will enhance. as a substitute, he watches the younger emperor become worse from Rome's shining big name to a blood-crazed, incestuous, omnipotent madman. Lavish development initiatives, never-ending video games, public monitors of his courting along with his sister, Drusilla, and a terrified senate are as not anything to Caligula's so much bold plan: to bridge the bay of Neapolis and journey over it donning Alexander's breastplate. And it falls to Vespasian to trip to Alexandria and thieve it from Alexander's mausoleum.Vespasian's venture will result in violence, mayhem and robbery - and finally, to a betrayal so nice it is going to echo during the a while.

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