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Various frightful hallucinations will arise in your inner experience, thoughts and dreams. In reality you might actually be subjected to attacks, quarrels, thieves, robbers, diseases and other unexpected hazards. In the mind, for no reason at all, you will experience intense suffering and sadness which will make you want to cry. Strong defiled thoughts will develop, while fervent devotion, aspiration to enlightenment and compassion will decline. Thoughts in which you see hostility everywhere will drive you nearly mad.

You most know that this is the crossroads at which you can go up or down, the point where great meditators are put to the test. Until the expression of the qualities of your inner understanding has reached perfection, it is wrong to recount your experiences to everyone; so keep your mouth shut. Furthermore, don't boast about years or months of retreat, but practice earnestly for the duration of your entire humau Ufe. Do not belittle the gaining of merit through the cause aud effect relationships of relative truth, deceiving yourself with mere words about emptiness.

Appearances will become insubstantial like mist. Confidence in the Guru and his instructions will grow as never before. Even when th~e happenings occur again, you will find a firm assurance, thinking 'that's all right. Ho ! This is the point of solution. By bringing the circumstances on to the path. the critical points have been settled. A Ia Ia ! This is exactly what we old fathers want. · So don"t be like a jackal approaching a man's corpse, longing to eat it, but his haunches shaking with fear.

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