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By H. Blatterer

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Everyday Friendship conceptualises the lived event of intimacy in a global during which the phrases and prerequisites of affection and friendship are more and more doubtful. Drawing on writing on friendship, love, and intimacy by way of such thinkers as Simmel and Kracauer, Elias, Goffman, Luhmann and Honneth, the publication charts the fashionable which means of intimacy and the freedoms it deals, in addition to the ongoing demanding situations of entrenched gendered assumptions in daily kin of love, belief and recognize. It exhibits that the research of the 'small global' of dyads can provide vital clues approximately society, and to that end approximately its gendered make-up. daily Friendship seeks to reintegrate into sociology the research of friendship and the research of dyads.

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Less drastically, children leaving the nest, migration, and – in today’s flexible labor markets which require unprecedented mobility – the increasing asynchronicity of life trajectories exert pressures on dyadic relationships (Beck & Beck-Gernsheim, 1995, 1996; Blatterer, 2009). Although from the perspective of audiences dyads constitute distinct social entities, from an insider perspective this is usually not the case. Rather, the relationship is perceived in terms of one’s immediate relations to the other.

As we will see below, this is the context in which Hegel, both a critic and central figure of Romanticism, formulated his vision of society as an institutional order, articulated the role of intimacy, and in so doing did his share to modernize it. Intimacy from the late 18th century and into the 19th is marked by rapid structural transformations, the differentiation of a private sphere, the rise of a society of strangers, and an outpouring of philosophical, artistic, and scientific innovation. Toward the end of the 19th century, the psychoanalytical reconceptualization of subjectivity emerges from a ‘bourgeois experience’ that begins to teeter ever more self-consciously between new-found freedoms and new uncertainties (Gay, 1999).

Further, the fact that friendship ‘exists only as a relationship’ (Markus, 2010b, p. 16, original emphasis) but as rule is not thematized as a relationship by friends, has very real consequences. Second, because I’m concerned with one-on-one friendships rather than networks, I go on to highlight some of the basic sociological characteristics of the dyad by engaging with Georg Simmel’s writing on the topic. Third, I turn to the words ‘friends’ and ‘friendship’ in order to show how social change has precipitated considerable overlaps in everyday usage of the terms, but also in order to point out what I think is a persisting methodological problem in sociological analyses of friendship: the conflation of friendship and friendly relations.

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