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By Neil Rhodes

ISBN-10: 0866982051

ISBN-13: 9780866982054

This selection of severe essays examines significant figures and works within the English prose of the 16th and 17th centuries.

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Lord Sheffield, 4 vols. [London, 1814], Potter, 3:342). ^ Without treating More's text, as some have, as mere hoax or as merely "More Myth-making," 1 propose to approach More's duplicitous history and its own opposed posthumous doubles as a lesson in historical artful doubt and historical irony, irony at the Tudors' expense very nearly as On More's factual disclaimers see Alison Hanham {Richard III and his Early 1483-1535 [Oxford, 1985], esp. 157-60, 165), who generally treats the whole text as a Lucianic spoof on more earnest historians' distortions; see also Potter, "More Myth-making," and n.

Thomas and I. D. Thomley (London, 1938). Fabyan's New Chronicles were apparently finished by 1504, the Great Chronicle however not before 1509; see Great Chronicle Ixix-lxxii and n. 17 below. ' Historians a kindred perspective More's "self-censorship" (Denys Hay, Annalists and [London, 1977], 120) in withholding the text all his life and his deftly ambiguous treatment of Richard's ascent both reflect More's precocious approach to deploying literary indirection and irony as a potent political force; on the political "discovery" of literature and literary indirection in early modem England, but mainly by much later authors, see Annabel Patterson, Censorship and Interpretation (Madison, 1984).

Kincaid (Gloucester, 1979), 88-89, with note, and more generally R. Bartlett, Trial by Fire and Water: The Medieval Judicial Ordeal (Oxford, 1986), esp. 107-19. ^ Both Comwallis and Buck, Richard's first self-professed literary defenders, transpose speeches and arguments to be found in More's history from a context of blame to its opposite. See also the most measured pro-Richard response to More's history in Jeremy Good King Richard: An Account of Richard III and his Reputation 1483-1983 (London, 1983), Chap.

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