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By R. E. G. Davies, Mike Machat

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Jap Air strains was once a massive usa airline that existed from 1926 to 1991.

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The population density in the east was far greater, the cities were bigger, and the burgeoning winter vacation traffic to Florida also levelled out the seasonality problem that handicapped most airlines, when traffic in winter habitually fell off. Such was the growth that, within two years, the airline was able to dispense with the Electras and standardize on its fleet of Douglas DC-2s, augmented by the larger 21-seat DC-3s. Engines MGTOW Max. Range Length Span Artist's Note: Note that, as yet, none of the three airliner manufacturers (Douglas, pages 29 and 33, Boeing, with the Model 247, or Lockheed, portrayed here) was able to incorporate fully-retractable landing gears Pratt & Whitney Wasp 4S0 hp (x 2) 10,300 lb.

I .. --------, \ I I I. -- 200 300 I t ! 400 ----J Scale-Statute Miles \ During the later years of the Second World War, Eastern had been able to add new stations to its already extensive route network east of the Mississippi. Huntsville, Alabama, for example, was served from 23 February 1943, specifically for the Manhattan Project development ofthe atomic bomb. Service to Boston began on 1 November 1944, so that Eastern now served every major city of the Northeast Corridor. The airline lost the New York-Miami monopoly but Detroit was reached in July 1945, San Juan in September 1946, and Pittsburgh in December 1949.

The rule should be "oval v. " Pratt &Whitney Twin Wasp 1,450 hp (x 4) 73,000 lb. MGTOW 2,500 miles Max. Range 94 feet Length 118 feet Span Engines Back in 1936, the Douglas Aircraft Company accepted half a million dollars from five airlines ($100,000 each) towards the cost of a four engined airliner that was twice as big, carried twice as many passengers, could fly twice as far, and was 50 mph faster than the ubiquitous and highly successful DC-3. , United, and Eastern) ordered a total of 61 DC-4s on 26 January 1940.

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