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By Vishwanath Prasad Varma

ISBN-10: 8121503264

ISBN-13: 9788121503266

Buddhism is a topic of soaking up curiosity to pupil of comparative religions, ethics, historical past and social philosophy. Its historic foundations were mentioned via Senart, Oldenberg and C.A.F. Rhys Davids. during this ebook there was provided not just an target and scholarly exposition of the lessons and philosophy of early Buddhism however the Vedic roots of its recommendations were tested. The tools of sociology of faith have additionally been undefined. The part entitled Buddhism and the Social Sciences constitutes an unique contribution to wisdom from the pen of an immanent instructor of political philosophy.

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E. segregated, forbidden thing' (chases sacress, c'est-a-dire separees; interdites) recognized as such by the community of belie\'ers. Now such an antithesis is, indeed, reported 24 Early Buddhism and its Origins of the sacred character of Buddha through the presence on his body of the thirty-two marks of a transcendent personality is only one aspect of the manifestation of this reverence for the sacred and the supernormal. Furthermore, in the Tripitakas we get numerous stories about the demonstration of superhuman feats by Buddha.

Already, almost two and a half milleniums ago, the supreme summit of spiritual development was reached, and that at that distant time, in the quiet hermit groves along the Ganges, already had been thought the highest man can think ... For higher thought there is not more than that Buddha-thought which wipes out the world, and with it its bearer". 2 R. Spence Hardy, A Manual of Buddhism : In its Modern Development (London, Williams and Norgate, 1880). p rsona/ity and Prophecy of Buddha The Life, e 9 the appetitive sensuous life led by the vulgar (prthag- ~ondemf nB ddhism).

K. J. -Noted m P. A. Publishing House, 1959, first published in 1922), 10 Ear~y Buddhism and its Origins with his charioteer Channa and his first visit to the town of Rajgir (Pali Rajagaha). like the students of spiritual wisdom of the day he sought knowledge from two teachers Alara Kalama and Uddaka Ramaputta. In the Upani~ads one comes across some famous teacher-student relationships. Yama instructs Naciketa, Sanatkumara instructs Narada ana Ailgiras seeks instruction from Bharadvaja. In one of the Upani~ads, Uddalaka instructs his son Svetaketu and according to another, Svetaketu questions his father about brahman and, when the latter fails to answer him, they both go to Ajatasatru for knowledge.

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