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By Richard King

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This e-book offers an in-depth research of the doctrines of early Advaita and Buddhism that has very important implications for the query of the connection among Hindu and Buddhist concept. the writer examines the significant doctrines of the Gaudapadiya-karikain a sequence of chapters that debate early Advaita on the subject of the Abhidharma, Madhyamaka, and Yogacara colleges of Buddhism. The query of the doctrinal variety of Indian Buddhism can also be mentioned via an research of the idea that of 'Buddha-Nature' and its dating with Vedantic concept.

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Which are not really logical proofs. 7 ยท Gauqapadi ya-karika. The Upani~adic Heritage of the Gauqapad lya-karika Since the term "Vedanta" denotes the final portion of Vedic scripture, that is the Upani$ads, the early history of the Vedanta school is nothing more than the early history of the Upan~adic texts themselves. e. early, middle, late, and new Upani$ads. It is generally accepted that the earliest stratum contains the Br:hadaraf) yaka and Chandogya Upani$ads. These are said to contain material that is pre-Buddhis t, placing them at some time before the fifth century (before the Common Era) BCE.

Nevertheless, it seems beyond any reasonable doubt that the Brabmasutra has gone through a number of developmental stages, and that it reached its final form around the fifth century CE (this is clear from its critique of the Yogacara theories in BS II. 2. 28-32). of the Cbandogya, its foundational text, the earliest parts of the text may be very old indeed. Nakamura notes that the thinkers referred to in the BS lived before the Common Era (BCE)68 which implies that the bulk of the text was compiled at least some four to five hundred years before the sections which attack Mahayana Buddhist philosophy.

On the other hand, in the Upadesasahasri, 62 Sankara mentions Vyasa as the rnpreme Vedantic authority, and while not referring to this figure as author of the Brahmasutra, the identification is likely to be implied. The term "vyasa," however, means compiler and may be an epithet rather than a personal name. It is likely that the text of the Brahmasutra has undergone some redaction (for instance there are divergent readings The Vedantic Heritage of the Gauetween the various commentators).

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