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By Carl Bielefeldt

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Zen Buddhism may be top identified for its emphasis on meditation, and possibly no determine within the historical past of Zen is extra heavily linked to meditation perform than the thirteenth-century jap grasp Dogen, founding father of the Soto institution. This research examines the old and non secular personality of the perform because it is defined in Dogen's personal meditation texts, introducing new fabrics and unique views on probably the most influential religious traditions of East Asian civilization.

The Soto model of Zen meditation is called "just sitting," a tradition within which, in the course of the cultivation of the sophisticated kingdom of "nonthinking," the meditator is expounded to be introduced into excellent accord with the better realization of the "Buddha brain" inherent in all beings. This research examines the ancient and non secular personality of the perform because it is defined in Dogen's personal meditation texts, introducing new fabrics and unique views on probably the most influential non secular traditions of East Asian civilization.

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