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Neither n of one Iirlk , we would therefore spelling. theory rlfor each language. one case, m in English. and so forth. from underlying above. keis by assimilation. g. keis substitution is evidenced which the the in English. i wh~ than whale retains is sometimes lexical These hierarchic dialects. g. older and then before hJ' h but at onic it has appeared se gmeets there the process ar hew e dialects In Fig. 1 are represented four dialects English words are in which hwai why has lost are ref 1ected in, more sonorant Atonic even restres sed why lacks conditions that This proces s has had a dial ects and eventually tonic further it.

Sons'. cussion, 1-1- e'ma nt'i r~a1-- a avnnea h1fI n li Z1? 'f:"''? t I have attempted he rule here is in the proposed the formation is no reason in phonologic al analysis of the use of cognitive of processes bY of the imperfect to expect logical reflecting is the trisYllabic didn't exist, devices concerns of contradictory innate a recent Processes. shortening S Anderson appropriateate proposal One of the process, (1969: which i i 137-43 CV C V of Middle English e. g , baleen were lowered: Anderson's which lengthened stressed OE bacan The vowels V ' formulation simplified -I-long 1-high etc .

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