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By Sandra Muñoz-Braceras, Ana Mesquita, Ricardo Escalante (auth.), Maria Romeralo, Sandra Baldauf, Ricardo Escalante (eds.)

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Since their discovery in 1869, the dictyostelids have attracted the eye of scientists in a wide selection of fields. This curiosity has stemmed from their abnormal way of life and developmental houses, that have been formed by means of the evolutionary forces that generated multicellularity in the course of eukaryotic evolution. extra lately, the dictyostelids have won recognition as a result notable similarities discovered on the genomic, mobile and biochemical degrees with human cells, which has propelled the species Dictyostelium discoideum to turn into a version method for biology and medication in lots of laboratories. This e-book covers the newest advances in our wisdom of those outstanding organisms with issues spanning from their evolutionary heritage, ecology and variety to the new discoveries relating to their mobile and molecular biology.

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This conservative tendency is still stronger for proteins of unknown function. Some of these proteins are highly conserved among evolutionarily distant species suggesting that they play relevant roles, perhaps related to human diseases. The inherent difficulty in the study of a disease-related protein of unknown function or the complexity of signaling networks in pathology can be partially overcome by the powerful genetics of simple models, as illustrated in this review. These models may serve to give us new and unexpected insights.

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