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By Mohsen Manutchehr-Danai

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The Public Lands in Jacksonian Politics. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1984. Oberly, James Warren. Sixty Million Acres: American Veterans and the Public Lands before the Civil War. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 1990. Rohrbough, Malcolm J. The Land Office Business: The Settlement and Administration of American Public Lands, 1789–1837. New York: Oxford University Press, 1968. Paul W. Gates / a. e. See also Conservation; Interior, Department of the; Public Domain; Public Land Commissions; West, American.

S. General and Bureau Plans Management. 32 LAND POLICY. Classical microeconomic theory posits “land,” or natural resources, as one of the three factors of production, along with labor and capital. Ideally, the business firm optimizes the mix of labor, capital, and land to produce at the highest profit, and the theory describes a point of equilibrium and balance. The history of North America, however, at least since the beginning of the eighteenth century, was one of continual disequilibrium and imbalance due to the rapid growth of the white and black populations, and the parallel rapid decline of the American Indian population.

New states after 1848 were given two sections, or 1,280 acres, in each township. Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma were given four sections in each township when they entered the Union. At the same time, states were given a minimum of two townships, or 46,080 acres, to aid in founding “seminaries of learning,” or state universities. Such great institutions as the Universities of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana benefited from these grants. The next important step in federal aid to education came in 1862 as the result of an energetic campaign undertaken by Jonathan Baldwin Turner of Illinois, Horace Greeley through the New York Tribune, and various farm and labor journals.

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