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By Jerry Foster, Mick Porter, Natalie Wear and Bob Hablutzel (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 1928994857

ISBN-13: 9781928994855

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You can set or retrieve complete objects directly through a SAX property. 43 44 Chapter 2 9 Processing XML Documents with SAX Here is an example of SAX property that returns a String value. org/sax/properties/xml-string ", true ) ; catch (SAXException e) { System. e r r . ") ; The SAX standard specifies only a couple of SAX properties, but does not require SAX parsers to support any of them. As before, the parser will throw an exception if it does not recognize a particular property. If you expect the property to be available, you'll have to handle any exception accordingly.

9 Use properties to control parser state. SAX defines a few core features and properties for all SAX engines. You'll need to refer to your specific parser's documentation to learn about any additional proprietary features and properties that it may offer. Before trying to use any features or properties, make sure they are actually implemented by your particular parser. 1 Core SAX Features Feature Name Description h ttp ://xm I. o rg/sax/fea tu res/n a m espa ces Turns namespace processing on or off.

Each request to the servlet invokes the servlet's get() method. The get() method is where the servlet constructs an event handler, a parser, and an input source. After running the parser, the servlet obtains the results of the parse from within the event handler. Finally, it iterates through the parsed results and displays them in a simple table. io. HttpServletResponse; 33 34 Chapter 2 9 Processing XML Documents with SAX import j avax. xml. parsers. xml. parsers. SAXParser; import j avax. xml.

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