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I had considered myself more spiritual than most others, and not subject to such deception. " A small team of three counselors and teachers of God's Word, along with myself, had been invited to minister through several indepth teaching seminars and a pastors' seminar in southern Poland. We had been ministering the Word several times a day and counseling in between for about a week and a half, when, one evening, I engaged in conversation with Jean Orr, one of the other members of our team. Jean was a woman of God who had been mightily used of the Lord in teaching and counseling the Word— and my close friend.

You can speak love. You can design loving actions toward this individual, and carry them out. But none of these things will remove the hatred from your heart. Why not? Because you are still identifying with who your emotions and intellect say that you are: a person full of hurt and hatred. That's not the truth of who you are! The truth is that you are a recreated spirit being with the nature of Jesus Christ, and Jesus is not full of hatred. Crying out to God and asking Him to remove hatred and replace it with love is not trusting God.

You feel very righteous because you are so 'kind' to Jan in spite of her problems. Actually, you are not being kind to her at all. You're not being motivated to meet her need by the love of Jesus in your spirit. You are simply using the Word as a law in your mind to try to do what you believe is 'holy' and 'spiritual,' and the obvious result is death. You are not bringing life to Jan. "Craig, you are very busy pursuing your goals and projects, many of which are from God, but you're carrying them out in the flesh.

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