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Since CRP prevents the output of the "piggy-back" supply from ever reversing polarity, the series regulator will never be called upon to withstand a voltage greater than the 40 volts from its own rectifier. Fuse F1 is included so that the path between the output terminals and the rectifying elements of the main voltage source will be opened under overload conditions, to protect the rectifiers and transformer. The high voltage control circuit does not derive its input control signal from the total voltage across the load resistor or the voltage across the terminals of the high voltage supply itself.

Transformer Shielding Eliminates Ripple. Agilent Current Sources meet their low ripple specifications regardless of which output terminal, if either, is connected to earth ground. High-gain current regulation is one reason for the low ripple. Another is special shielding to keep ac voltages in the power transformer from being coupled into the output via the capacitance between the transformer windings and the output or ground. One potential source of ripple current is capacitive coupling between the primary winding and the negative output terminal.

Notice that only low power level circuitry has been added to a constant voltage supply to make it serve as a dual-purpose source. Two comparison amplifiers are included in a CV/CC supply for controlling output voltage and current. The constant voltage amplifier approaches zero output impedance by varying the output current whenever the load resistance changes, while the constant current amplifier approaches infinite output impedance by varying the output voltage in response to any load resistance change.

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