Dagger Blessing: The Tibetan Phurpa Cult : Reflections and by Thomas Marcotty PDF


By Thomas Marcotty

ISBN-10: 8170184118

ISBN-13: 9788170184119

Dagger Blessing: The Tibetan Phurpa Cult : Reflections and fabrics

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A painting 'te lls ' you som ething. Or it te lls you nothing. This relationship of a re f le c t e d im age of sound and light which in our p a rt of th e world is r e s tr i c te d to th e fringe of e x p erie n ce is in the ta n tr i c d o c trin e the s t a rtin g point o f a fully developed th eo ry of refin ed p erc ep tio n . The a rtic u la tio n of a c e r t a in sound wave “•structure, possib­ ly the m a n tra OM AH HUM or PHAT, not m e rely produces a faded or co in cid en tal p ic tu re but a d e te rm in a b le p iece Smelling with th e Finger Tips 37 of visual re ality which for th e tra in ed t a n tr i c is not less real than th e rea lity of a lower o rd e r th a t can be photo­ graphed and with which th e la ym an must norm ally be satisfied.

The rem aining m a n tra s are e ith e r am biguous or incomprehensible considering that, owing to phonetic v ariations o f d ia lec t, the ir meaning might be influenced too (38). This syllable chain the dagger man will re p e a t not less than a hundred and eight tim es and with ea ch re p e titio n the p ic tu re of the world t h r e a te n ­ ed by Mara becom es more intense. And this not merely in th e sense o f an im agination nor in th e fashion of a hallucination a t all, instead as th e result of an improved p e rc e p tiv e facu lty achieved through exercises.

The Buddhas a re all those who in past (and future) eons have rea ch e d c o m p le te e n lig h tm en t, not just G a u ta m a Buddha. By th e gurus a re m ean t all those sages who by tra d itio n ffrom soul to soul’, by 'm o u th -to -e a rwhispering’, or by th e ir te achings w ritte n down as manuscripts, then hidden and la te r r e t r a c t e d , have handed down the ancient wisdom to our p resen t tim e. The dagger p ra c titio n e r, this also being p a rt of the nativity, o ffe rs a sac rific e to the helpful deities.

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