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Syr. aja ( f> dinner. (Syr. ar> 'asa (late) evening ( Hebr> Hebrew '-z-b ( II> m'ozible; gimViizib to get tired. to be tiresome '-zoom 'zimle; g'iizim to invite. (Syr. ar> 'azam -j-. oatmeal f. atiqta old. ancient citron noodle now. nowadays. 6zlc; gewiz, goz- subj . 6z to do. to make xille; kexil, kixl- subj. 'axil, impr. xol to eat pI. 'ixrue food we - 68 - b b-, bi-; bid be'al be'emet (Hebr> bi'ta (f) bavden ba'aI (Hebr> baba bedijuk ( Hebr> badla (Ar> (with pen. ibbe at; by (inst rumental) here, this side Yerily.

63. aw xa sam·a gdarl-Ia biz rumanta. 64. aja ila. 65. bass xa sam'a k6ja:w-Idsja biz rumanta, "Jaja gimri-la sammas. 66. gma'Iiqi sam·e min jamme I-cappe. 67.. netifat fccim 'jIo lIeza lewe xslwa, lewe dati. bros, 'i'arava, kaliptus...... j jefarot. 68. j raba dare: Feast of Tabernacle tabernacle is? Do you know what 38. They decorate it with all kinds of decorations, and hang pretty fruits. 39. That is, they made a tabernacle beautiful and hang pictures of Isac. 40. And the feast lasts for seven days, and it is prohibited to work on the first and the last days.

123. ''''hen I came here, I had no time to learn it. 124. But one becomes to be able to listen and und erstand it b y and by, tha t is, he gets accustomed to hear it. 125. It's difficult, but he learns it by and by. 126. I haven't mastered it, but if I'll live here for a long time, I'll learn it by and by. N: 127. How is your life in a temple, and how is Sesshin? Z: 128. At first, sesshin is rather hard, isn't it? ]29. That is, sesshin itself is Z: difficult, isn't it? 130. It's ver y exhausting to sit like this, legs begin to ache, isn 't it?

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