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By Philip Heller

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This is the ebook you must arrange for the Java 2 Programmer's and Developer's tests. This examine consultant presents: * In-depth assurance of each examination aim for the Programmer's examination for J2SE 1.4 * hundreds and hundreds of difficult perform questions * modern examination guidance software program, together with a try out engine, pattern simulation questions, and the full booklet on PDF Authoritative assurance of all Programmer's examination goals, together with: * Language basics * Operators and assignments * Modifiers * changing and casting * move keep watch over, exceptions, and assertions * gadgets and periods * Threads * The java.lang and java.util programs In-depth assurance of the themes coated within the Developer's examination, together with: * Swing elements and occasions * structure managers * bettering and increasing the database * Writing the community protocol * construction the database server * Connecting the customer and server

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In order to understand the process, you have to understand the concept of the object reference. Java programs do not deal directly with objects. When an object is constructed, the constructor returns a value—a bit pattern—that uniquely identifies the object. This value is known as a reference to the object. For example, consider the following code: 1. Button btn; 2. btn = new Button(“Ok“); In line 2, the Button constructor returns a reference to the just-constructed button—not the actual button object or a copy of the button object.

Class Fundamentals Java is all about classes, and a review of the Certification Exam objectives will show that you need to be intimately familiar with them. Classes are discussed in detail in Chapter 6, “Objects and Classes”; for now, let’s examine a few fundamentals. 14 1 Language Fundamentals The main() Method The main() method is the entry point for standalone Java applications. To create an application, you write a class definition that includes a main() method. To execute an application, type java at the command line, followed by the name of the class containing the main() method to be executed.

How do you change the value that is encapsulated by a wrapper class after you have instantiated it? A. Use the setXXX() method defined for the wrapper class. B. Use the parseXXX() method defined for the wrapper class. C. Use the equals() method defined for the wrapper class. D. None of the above. 30. Math class returns an integer that may be greater than its single argument? A. abs() and random() B. ceil() and round() C. ceil() and sqrt() D. floor() and max() xxxii Answers to Assessment Test Answers to Assessment Test 1.

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