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By Klaas-Jan de Langen

ISBN-10: 1441951024

ISBN-13: 9781441951021

ISBN-10: 1475729936

ISBN-13: 9781475729931

Compact Low-Voltage and High-Speed CMOS, BiCMOS and BipolarOperational Amplifiers discusses the layout of built-in operational amplifiers that procedure the bounds of low offer voltage or very excessive bandwidth. The ensuing realizations span the entire box of functions from micro-power CMOS VLSI amplifiers to 1-GHz bipolar amplifiers.
The booklet provides effective circuit topologies to be able to mix excessive functionality with easy options. In overall twelve amplifier realizations are mentioned. bipolar amplifiers are mentioned, a 1-GHz operational amplifier and an amplifier with a excessive ratio among the utmost output present and the quiescent present. 5 amplifiers were designed in CMOS expertise, super compact circuits that could function on offer voltages all the way down to one gate-source voltage and saturation voltages which equals approximately 1.4 V and, ultimate-low-voltage amplifiers which may function on provide voltages all the way down to one gate-source voltage and one saturation voltage which quantities to approximately 1.2 V. In BiCMOS expertise 5 amplifiers were designed. the 1st amplifiers are in response to a compact topology. different amplifiers are designed to function on low provide voltages right down to 1.3 V. the ultimate amplifier has a unity-gain frequency of 2 hundred MHz and will function right down to 2.5 V.
Compact Low-Voltage and High-Speed CMOS, BiCMOS and BipolarOperational Amplifiers is meant for the pro analog dressmaker. additionally, it really is appropriate as a textual content ebook for complex classes in amplifier design.

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_ -41a h 0 lour- 41a b. Fig. 3-12 Class-AB characteristic of rail-to-rail feedback-biased resistivecoupled class-AB output stage in bipolar technology (a) and CMOS rechnology (b). variations of the supply voltage, because the current through R 1 and, therefore, the baseemitter voltages of Q5 and Q6 , or the gate-source voltages of M 5 and M 6 , are intluenced by the supply voltage. 8 V in bipolar technology. 8 V, depending on the process and on the maximum output current. The minimum supply voltage can be reduced by generating a negative voltage across the resistors R 1, R 2 at low supply voltages by adding current sources lr/6 , as shown in Fig.

Since the transconductance of the output transistors together with the load capacitor determine the output pole, only a moderate bandwidth can be obtained. An advantage over the bipolar stages, however, is that the current gain of MOS transistors is very high so that the bias current of a preceding stage does not need to be considered when designing the maximum output current. In bipolar circuits special care should be taken that there is sufficient current available in the preceding stage in order to deliver the large base current of the output stage, especially when driving a PNP output transistor.

Princtple applied to a The feed forward biasing principle is shown in Fig. 3-7 where it is applied to a complementary bipolar output stage. The technique consists of a reference voltage VREF that is directly used to drive the sum of the base-emitter voltages of the two output stages. To obtain a supply-voltage independent quiescent current, VREF must track the supply voltage. Because the base-emitter voltages of the two output transistors of the complementary output stage are connected together, the technique is especially suited to application in the complementary output stage.

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