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By K. L. (ed.) Mittal

ISBN-10: 0841201765

ISBN-13: 9780841201767

ISBN-10: 0841202508

ISBN-13: 9780841202504

content material: a 3rd of a century of colloid chemistry / Robert D. Vold and Marjorie J. Vold --
Macrocluster fuel : liquid and biliquid foams and their organic importance / Felix Sebba --
Mechanical and floor coagulation / W. Heller --
Kinetics of ultracentrifugal demulsification / Robert D. Vold and Alice Ulhee Hahn --
Ultracentrifugal method within the research of emulsions / K.L. Mittal --
electrical emulsification / Akira Watanabe, Ken Higashitsuji, and Kazuo Nishizawa --
Macromolecular emulgents in emulsion balance / S.N. Srivastava --
Viscoelastic houses of W/O emulsions containing microcrystalline wax / H. Komatsu and P. Sherman --
"True" emulsion polymerization of acrylate esters utilizing combined emulsifiers / A.R.M. Azad, R.M. Fitch, and J. Ugelstad --
Kinetic idea for the gradual flocculation on the secondary minimal / Pranab Bagchi --
balance of sterically stabilized dispersions at excessive polymer concentrations / F.K.R. Li-In-On, B. Vincent, and F.A. Waite --
balance of aqueous dispersions in polymer-surfactant complexes. Ethirimol dispersions in combos of poly-(vinyl alcohol) with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide or sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate / Th. F. Tadros --
Rheological stories of polymer chain interplay / Robert J. Hunter, Paul C. Neville, and Bruce A. Firth --
Nonaqueous dispersion : carbon black in heptane resolution of manganese and zinc salts of 2-ethylhexanoic acid / B.R. Vijayendran --
Micelle formation in nonaqueous media / Ayao Kitahara and Kijiro Kon-No --
Thermodynamics of micelle formation / K.S. Birdi --
Anomalies of in part fluorinated surfactant micelles / Pasupati Mukerjee and Karol J. Mysels --
Deuteron NMR reports on soap-water mesophases / Håkan Wennerström, Nils-Ola Persson, and Björn Lindman --
impact of electrolyte on part equilibria and section constitution within the binary process of di-2-ethylhexyl sulphosuccinate and water / Krister Fontell --
Dissolution mechanism of water-soluble polymers (partially saponified polyvinyl acetates) / Hironobu Kunieda and Kōzo Shinōda --
Thermodynamic elements of the blending of mono-amides and poly-peptides with water / P. Assarsson, N.Y. Chen, and F.R. Eirich --
Equilibrium dialysis and viscometric reports at the interplay of surfactants with proteins / W.U. Malik and V.P. Saxena --
Derivation of equations to account for the difference of pH and particular conductivity of gum arabic acid sol with dilution / B.N. Ghosh --
Electrokinetic method of the choice of blood suitable fabrics and anticoagulant medicines / Supramaniam Srinivasan and Barry R. Weiss.

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In the previous c a s e , the pressure P»2X where γ i s the s u r f a c e t e n s i o n and d i s the d i s t a n c e between the p l a t e s . In the case of the bubbles which are not s p h e r e s , Ρ has not been d e r i v e d , but presumably w i l l s t i l l vary i n v e r s e l y w i t h d i s t a n c e a p a r t . The f i n a l p o s i t i o n of the b u b b l e s , t h e r e f o r e , i s determined by the balance of three f o r c e s , the Laplace f o r c e s which increase as the bubbles approach, the long range Vaif der Waal s f o r c e s which tend to t h i n the i n t e r v e n i n g f i l m and the double l a y e r r e p u l s i v e f o r c e s which r e s i s t t h e s e .

On the c o n t r a r y , there i s o f t e n a sudden spurt of a c t i v i t y at one p o i n t , and a l l the e n c i r c l i n g small g l o b u l e s get swept to a d i s t a l point on the l e n s , from which p o i n t they again s l o w l y form a r i n g around the l e n s . The reason f o r t h i s e x p l o s i v e p o l a r i z a t i o n i s not obvious but i t almost looks at though an enveloping bubble had burst. The general movement i s remarkably r a p i d , and i s an example of conversion of s u r f a c e energy i n t o movement.

For b r e v i t y , t h i s type w i l l be r e f e r r e d to as WATSSA. On the other hand, there are the o i l s o l u b l e s u r f a c e a c t i v e m o l e c u l e s , s p a r i n g l y or i n s o l u b l e in w a t e r , such as f a t t y a c i d s , amines, long chain a l c o h o l s and cholesterol. These w i l l be r e f e r r e d to as OILSSA. Biliquid foams, which d i f f e r from gas foams, o n l y in that the holes are now f i l l e d w i t h a l i q u i d , owe t h e i r s t a b i l i t y to s i m i l a r f o r c e s to those o p e r a t i v e in gas foams.

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