Leonard Gomella, Steven Haist, Aimee Adams's Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference 2009 PDF


By Leonard Gomella, Steven Haist, Aimee Adams

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ISBN-13: 9780071602808

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Must-know information regarding a thousand of the main generic medictions -- at your fingertips and able to use! compliment for a prior version: "This is a really helpful and updated pocket reference for well-known drugs. five Stars!"--Doody's evaluation provider Why spend time plowing via details you do not need whilst what you really want to understand is true right here in a single concise consultant? sufficiently small to slot in a lab coat or blouse pocket, Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference is simply what you want to perform more secure and quicker drugs. equipped alphabetically by way of widespread drug identify universal makes use of, mechanisms of motion, dosages (adult and pediatric), precautions/contraindications, shape provided, and notes/common uncomfortable side effects incorporates a record of the medicines equipped through drug type Summaries of the FDA “black field” precautions and contraindications up to date to incorporate insurance of greater than 24 new medications and the removing of substances taken off the marketplace

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5 mg) in 2–3 mL of NS tid-qid. 1 mg/mL SE: Flu-like syndromes (malaise, fever, chills), N/V/D, ↑ bilirubin; capillary leak syndrome; ↓ BP, tachycardia, pulm & peripheral edema, fluid retention, & wgt gain; renal & mild hematologic tox (↓ HgB, plt, WBC), eosinophilia; cardiac tox (ischemia, atrial arrhythmias); neuro tox (CNS depression, somnolence, delirium, rare coma); pruritic rashes, urticaria, & erythroderma common. /–] PRG registry; associated w/ serious Infxn CI: Lymphopenia, HIV Disp: 15-mg powder for recons SE: Pharyngitis, myalgia, Inj site Rxn, malignancy, Infxn Notes: IV or IM different formulations; may repeat course 12 wk later if CD4 OK Alendronate (Fosamax, Fosamax Plus D) Uses: *Rx & prevent osteoporosis male & postmenopausal female, Rx steroid-induced osteoporosis, Paget Dz* Action: ↓ nl & abnormal bone resorption, ↓ osteoclast action Dose: Osteoporosis: Rx: 10 mg/d PO or 70 mg qwk; Fosamax plus D 1 tab qwk.

Peds. ] ↑ Mg2+, w/ renal Insuff Disp: Liq w/ AlOH 95 mg/mg carbonate 358 mg/15 mL; Extra Strength liq AlOH 254 mg/Mg carbonate 237 mg/15 mL; chew tabs AlOH 160 mg/Mg carbonate 105 mg SE: Constipation, D Notes: qid doses best pc & hs; may ↓ absorption of some drugs, take 2–3 h apart to ↓ effect 38 Aluminum Hydroxide + Magnesium Hydroxide Aluminum Hydroxide + Magnesium Hydroxide (Maalox) [OTC] Uses: *Hyperacidity* (peptic ulcer, hiatal hernia, etc) Action: Neutralizes gastric acid Dose: Adults. 10–20 mL or 2–4 tabs PO qid or PRN.

Herpes zoster: 800 mg PO 5×/d for 7–10 d. IV: 5–10 mg/kg/dose IV q8h. Peds. Genital HSV: 3 mo–2 y: 15 mg/kg/d IV ÷ q8h × 5–7 d, 60 mg/kg/d max. 2–12 y: 1200 mg/d PO ÷ q8h × 7–10 d. >12 y: 1000–1200 mg PO ÷ q8h × 7–10 d. HSV encephalitis: 3 mo–2 12 y: 60 mg/kg/d IV ÷ q8h × 10 d. >12 y: 30 mg/kg/d IV ÷ q8h × 10 d. Chickenpox: ≥2 y: 20 mg/kg/dose PO qid × 5 d. Shingles: <12 y: 30 mg/kg/d PO or 1500 mg/ m2/d IV ÷ q8h × 7–10 d; ↓ w/ CrCl <50 mL/min Caution: [B, +] CI: Hypersensitivity to compound Disp: Caps 200 mg; tabs 400, 800 mg; susp 200 mg/5 mL; Inj 500 & 1000 mg/vial; Inj soln 25 mg/mL, 50 mg/mL oint 5% and cream 5% SE: Dizziness, lethargy, malaise, confusion, rash, IV site inflammation; transient ↑ Cr/BUN Notes: PO better than topical for herpes genitalis Adalimumab (Humira) WARNING: Cases of TB have been observed; ✓ TB skin test prior to use; Hep B reactivation possible, invasive fungal and other opportunistic Infxns reported; malignancies in children and young adults reported Uses: *Mod–severe RA w/ an inadequate response to one or more DMARDs, psoriatic arthritis (PA), juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), plaque psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis (AS), Crohn Dz* Action: TNF-α inhibitor Dose: RA, PA, AS: 40 mg SQ qOwk; may ↑ 40 mg qwk if not on MTX.

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