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Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–2): J. R. Postgate
Chapter 2 The Sulphur Cycle: Definitions, Mechanisms and Dynamics (pages 3–18): Donovan P. Kelly
Chapter three Kinetic and Chemical homes of ATP Sulphurylase from Penicillium chrysogenum (pages 19–47): Peter A. Seubert, Pamela A. provide, Elizabeth A. Christie, John R. Farley and Irwin H. Segel
Chapter four Pathways of Assimilatory Sulphate aid in vegetation and Microorganisms (pages 49–69): Jerome A. Schiff
Chapter five Oxidative Phosphorylation associated with the Dissimilatory aid of Elemental Sulphur by way of Desulfovibrio (pages 71–86): G. D. Fauque, L. L. Barton and J. Le Gall
Chapter 6 Synthesis of L?Cysteine in Salmonella typhimurium (pages 87–99): Nicholas M. Kredich, M. Danuta Hulanicka and Scott G. Hallquist
Chapter 7 The rules of Methionine Biosynthesis and Metabolism in crops and micro organism (pages 101–117): S. W. J. vibrant, P. J. Lea and B. J. Miflin
Chapter eight The Oxidation of Sulphite in Animal structures (pages 119–133): Jean L. Johnson and ok. V. Rajagopalan
Chapter nine New elements of Glutathione Metabolism and Translocation in Mammals (pages 135–161): Alton Meister, Owen W. Griffith, Abraham Novogrodsky and Suresh S. Tate
Chapter 10 Observations at the organic Roles of Sulphatases (pages 163–176): Kenneth S. Dodgson and Frederick A. Rose
Chapter eleven Sulphatase A: An Arylsulphatase and a Glycosulphatase (pages 177–190): A. B. Roy
Chapter 12 stories at the Nature and rules of the mobile Thiol:Disulphide strength (pages 191–204): D. M. Ziegler, M. W. Duffel and L. L. Poulsen
Chapter thirteen Sulphydryl Oxidase: Oxidation of Sulphydryl teams and the Formation of Three?Dimensional constitution in Proteins (pages 205–222): Harold E. Swaisgood and H. Robert Horton
Chapter 14 Metallothionein: an excellent steel Thiolate Protein (pages 223–237): Jeremias H. R. Kagi, Yutaka Kojima, Margrit M. Kissling and Konrad Lerch
Chapter 15 illnesses of Sulphur Metabolism: Implications for the Methionine?Homocysteine Cycle, and nutrition Responsiveness (pages 239–258): S. Harvey Mudd
Chapter sixteen Similarities among Cysteinesulphinate Transaminase and Aspartate Aminotransferase (pages 259–270): M. Recasens and P. Mandel
Chapter 17 Taurine in improvement and food (pages 271–307): Gerald E. Gaull and David okay. Rassin

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Ziegler: Since soil contains nitrate, would the binding of nitrate to ATP sulphurylase act as a negative effector, and would this have any physiological significance? Segel: I don’t know. It might be a way of coordinating nitrate and sulphate reduction, both of which must go on in some constant ratio to provide soil microorganisms with amino acids for protein synthesis. 5 mM-close to the K, for sulphate. Postgate: I have always been bothered by the fact that nitrate is a competitive inhibitor of sulphate for these enzymes, because it is not a structural analogue of sulphate.

It is likely that the hydrolyses are suppressed in the presence of the normal cosubstrates. 15 m i d . The question naturally arises: is there enough ATP sulphurylase in P . chrysogenum to account for the observed growth rate of the organism in medium containing inorganic sulphate as the only sulphur source? , either the enzyme requires an unknown activator that is destroyed or diluted during extraction and purification, or the characteristics of the enzyme are altered during purification, or only a fraction of the cellular content of the enzyme is recovered by the extraction procedure used); or (b) ATP sulphurylase is not the only enzyme involved in the assimilation of inorganic sulphate into the metabolic stream.

ATP SULPHURYLASE FROM P. CHRYSWENUM 23 metal-ATP or metal-PP, site. Table 1 summarizes the maximal velocities of the reactions catalysed by the ATP sulphurylase of P . chrysogenum. Several observations suggest that the hydrolysis reactions are catalysed by ATP sulphurylase,and not by minor contaminants: (a) the products of MgATP hydrolysis are MgPP, and AMP. Most ATPases produce ADP and Pi; (b) the K, for MgATP hydrolysis is essentially the same as the K, for the normal forward reactions; (c) MgATP hydrolysis is inhibited by sulphate analogues (nitrate, chlorate) and by APS; (d) APS hydrolysis is inhibited by ATP; (e) the ratio of maximal rates for MgATP and APS hydrolysis is about the same as the ratio of V,,,/V,,,, for the normal catalytic reactions; and (f) APS hydrolysis shows substrate inhibition at high [APS], just as the normal reverse reaction.

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