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We illustrate this approach by the SF‐36. Later, brief instruments that place even less emphasis upon physical functioning have been developed. Two such instruments are the EQ‐5D, that is intended to be suitable for use with cost–utility analysis, and the SEIQoL, which allows patients to choose those aspects of QoL that they consider most important to themselves. 8 INSTRUMENTS 21 Sickness Impact Profile (SIP) The SIP of Bergner et all. (1981) is a measure of perceived health status, as measured by its impact upon behaviour.

The aim is to collect information in a form that can be communicated to future patients, enabling them to anticipate and understand the consequences of their illness and its treatment. Patients themselves often express the wish for more emphasis upon research into QoL issues, and seek insight into the concomitants of their disease and its treatment. , 1990). Each Chart has a five‐point scale, is illustrated, and can be self‐ or office‐staff administered. The Charts are used to measure patients’ overall physical functioning, INTRODUCTION 14 emotional problems, daily activities, social activities, pain, overall health and QoL.

Most of the items appear broadly sensible. However, the physical functioning scale, in common with many similar scales, poses questions about interpretation. Questions ask whether your health limits you in ‘vigorous activities, such as running, lifting heavy objects, participating in strenuous sports’ or in ‘walking more than a mile’. It is not clear how those who never participate in such activities should respond – for example, suppose someone who never participates in sports has severely impaired health: if they respond ‘No, not limited at all’ they will receive a score indicating better functioning than might be expected.

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