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By K. Anderson, M. Dinnerstein, J. Lensink, P. Maccorquodale

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In short, it is not yet a theory. The attempt at synthesis addresses this difficulty: its ultimate aim is formation of a feminist theory, appropriately grounded in experience, yet capable of transforming that experience with the power and conceptual rigor displayed by other modes of theorizing. 15 This particular response to political theory is innovative: it does not seek to define itself in terms of any of the existing political ideologiesliberalism, socialism, marxism, and the likebut instead proposes to articulate a new, distinctive, synthetic mode of feminist theory outside the boundaries of the traditional canon, yet at the same level of mastery as its theoretical predecessors.

Contrasted to Machiavelli and before him Thucydides, this was the beginning of cultural "decadence" in Nietzsche's language. "8 Defenders of political theory's integrity might reply to these unconventional charges in any number of ways: by straightforward denial, by praise for other nonrealistic conceptions of their favorite subject matter, by attacks on the apparent immorality and nihilism of Machiavelli's and Nietzsche's views, or by a dialectical criticism. " 9 This sort of dialectical rejoinder is more interesting than the alternatives, for it raises the central questions for political theory: what has been feminist theory's response to the worst-case state of affairs I have described?

While recognizing the importance of feminist contributions to the sociology of deviance for bringing attention to gender as a factor of Page xx analysis, Jensen takes issue with those theorists who portray women as becoming increasingly similar to men in deviant behaviors. Jensen's review of empirical evidence supports his argument that girls commit fewer, and different kinds of, crimes than their male counterpartsa difference he attributes to the socialization processes that emphasize caring and nurturance for girls and encourage aggressive, competitive behavior in boys.

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