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By Israel Regardie

ISBN-10: 0850302374

ISBN-13: 9780850302370

• advent from famous Golden sunrise student Pat Zalewski• comprises the outlet of the Watchtower Ritual for Self TransformationThe right operating of formality is on the center of the Western magical culture. This e-book exhibits precisely how ceremonial strategies can be utilized to pay attention and harness the large psychic and non secular strength of human cognizance. Dr. Regardie’s special research and outline of key rituals are in line with his personal enormous adventure and his wisdom of Golden sunrise concepts. as well as offering useful directions on gowns, ritual gear and decor, he additionally hyperlinks present occult perform to broader old precedents

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Here the Fire si,en is ,eiven. Hands Joined in front of the forehead so that the two thumbs touchin,e form the base of a trian,ele , completed by the fin,eers pointin,e upward and touchin,e. Take the Fire symbol from Altar and make lar,ee Circle and lnvokin,e IJenta,erams of Active Spirit and Fire before the Si,eil. 'And ELOHIM (ay-loh-heem) said Let us make Adam in our own image, after our own likeness, and let him have dominion. In the name of ELOHIM, mighty and ruling, and in the name YOD HEH VAU HEH TZABAOTH, Spirits of Fire adore your Creator.

A member of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, published in 1852 a monogram entitled A Fra~ment of a Graeco-E~yptian Ritual. It gave both the Greek text with an English translation accompanied by a few erudite but not very literary notes (Appendix One). Later, towards the close of the nineteenth century, part of this same archaic ritual was reproduced in a slim volume entitled E~yptian Ma~ic by E. A. Wallis Budge, one-time Keeper of Antiquities in the British Museum. The only other and much later reference to it is to be found as the Preliminary Invocation in a book entitled The Goetia - The Lesser Key of Kin~ Solomon (Appendix Three).

But these really amount to little more than commonsense counsel, to observe decency in the performance of so august an operation. For example, one should possess a house where proper precautions against disturbance and interference can be taken. This having been arranged, there remains little else to do but aspire, with increasing concentration and ardour, for six months towards the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. This latter phrase which was wholeheartedly adopted by Aleister Crowley, was synonymous with the Golden Dawn reference to the Higher Genius and the Theosophical term the Higher self.

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