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By John Harrison

ISBN-10: 185798997X

ISBN-13: 9781857989977

John Truck was once to outward appearances simply one other lowlife spaceship captain. yet he was once additionally the final of the Centaurans ' or at the least, half him used to be ' which intended that he was once the single one who may perhaps function the Centauri equipment, a sentient bomb which would carry the major to settling a vicious house warfare. M. John Harrison's vintage novel turns the conventions of area opera on their head, and is written with the precision and brilliance for that is famed.

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You don't understand enough of anything for your opinion to be worth anything to me. That was what the intellectuals of the time called it. I'm in favor of intellectuals as a whole, but I have reservations. However, it was a traumatic business for humanity, that can hardly be denied; and by the time we'd finished running round getting off on our guilt complexes, tile Centauri survivors had bolted off like rats and scattered themselves over the newly-colonized planets. They were absorbed fairly quickly — no drive, you see; they lacked cultural strength.

Beyond, in a room full of drifting colored smoke, where the strobes jumped and hopped from one wavelength to another and Tiny Skeffern's sound fell in solid blocks from original quadrophonic equipment, Chalice Veronica himself lounged on a sofa wearing crocheted culottes. 'Hello,' said Tiny Skeffern, bobbing around. ' 'That's so nice,' whispered the King. He pulled himself languidly to his feet and smiled at Truck. His hand was icy; his skin had the texture and color of distemper, damp and powdery; he was old, and his voice was fault, destroyed; arcus senilis, the yellow band of decay, disfigured his eyes.

THREE The Longest-running Party in the History of the Universe Earth: IWG and UASR, initially parasites of the political muscle-tissue, had eaten what remained of their twentieth-century hosts during the aftermath of the tragic and infamous 'Rat Bomb' wars of 2003—45, when the client-state system, that uneasy and paternalistic compromise between autonomy and empire, fragmented and fell apart. A new Arabia swallowed the entire Sino-Soviet continent, engulfed the more fertile areas of Africa, but lost its original nerve center in Egypt.

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