Download e-book for iPad: Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach (2nd by Stuart Reges, Marty Stepp


By Stuart Reges, Marty Stepp

ISBN-10: 0136091814

ISBN-13: 9780136091813

Building Java courses: A again to fundamentals Approach, moment Edition, introduces beginner programmers to uncomplicated constructs and customary pitfalls via emphasizing the necessities of procedural programming, challenge fixing, and algorithmic reasoning. via using gadgets early to resolve fascinating difficulties and defining items later within the direction, Building Java Programs develops programming wisdom for a extensive viewers.

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The compiler ignores comments. There are two comment forms in Java. In the first form, you open the comment with a slash followed by an asterisk and you close it with an asterisk followed by a slash: /* like this */ You must not put spaces between the slashes and the asterisks: / * this is bad * / You can put almost any text you like, including multiple lines, inside the comment: /* Thaddeus Martin Assignment #1 Instructor: Professor Walingford Grader: Bianca Montgomery */ The only things you aren’t allowed to put inside a comment are the comment end characters.

This program will do three different things: execute drawBox, execute a println, then execute drawBox again. 4 Procedural Decomposition The diagram below indicates the flow of control produced by this program. println("+------+"); } } Following the diagram, you can see that nine println statements are executed. First you transfer control to the drawBox method and execute its four statements. Then you return to main and execute its println statement. Then you transfer control a second time to drawBox and once again execute its four statements.

12 Chapter 1 Introduction to Java Programming At a minimum, a complete program requires a special method that is known as the main method. It has the following syntax: public static void main(String[] args) { ; ; ... ; } Just as the first line of a class is known as a class header, the first line of a method is known as a method header. The header for main is rather complicated. Most people memorize this as a kind of magical incantation. You want to open the door to Ali Baba’s cave?

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