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Buddhist good judgment finds itself because the culminating element of an extended process Indian philosophic heritage. those volumes reassess the topic of Buddhist common sense in its old connections. the 1st quantity features a historic caricature in addition to a synthetical reconstruction of the complete edifice of the ultimate form of Buddhist philosophy. the second one quantity includes the cloth in addition to the justification for this reconstructions.

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Our ernpha• sis has been upon accuracy and clarity, attempting to give, where possible, a literal representation of Säntideva’s text, so long as this is compatible with the canons of standard English usage. We have tried to eschew the clumsy and opaque hybrids which Sanskrit often generates in English, although the technical lan­ guage of Indian Buddhism which the author employed has often stretched our determination. At the same time we are aw’are that there will be readers who will come to this translation with some knowledge of both Buddhism and the Sanskrit language.

32 People honour someone who gives alms to a few people, saying, ‘He does good’ , because he contemptuously supports their life for half a day with a moment’s gift of mere food. 33 What then of the one who offers to a limitless number of beings, throughout limitless time, the fulfilment o f all de­ sires, unending until the end of the sky and those beings? 34 The Protector has said that one who harbours in his heart a turbid thought against such a lord of gifts, a son o f the Conqueror, dwells in hells for aeons as numerous as the moments of that turbid thought.

17 Even in cyclic existence great fruit comes from the M ind resolved on Awakening, but nothing like the uninterrupted merit that comes from that resolve when put into action. 18 From the moment that he takes on that M ind to release the limitless realm o f beings, with a resolve that cannot be turned back, Pruine o f the Awakening M in d 7 19 From that moment on, though he may cloze o ff or be dis­ tracted many times, uninterrupted streams o f merit like the bursting sky continuously pour forth.

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