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True Crime

By J. M. Dillard

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A category one scientific emergency summons the EnterpriseTM to the Federation outpost Tanis. There, a grisly shock awaits them. of the lab's 3 researchers are useless, their our bodies nearly totally tired of blood. There are not any clues, no files in their learn, no remnants in their paintings. there's basically the outpost's sole survivor, Dr. Jeffrey Adams, who holds the key of what occurred at Tanis, and can now take place aboard the firm.

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It's extremely unlikely that one of the organisms could mutate into something that could affect humans. And containment was never broken-that is, unless.. " "One of the researchers down there-Yoshi Takhumara. He... " Adams became suddenly irritable. "How should I know? Sometimes it happens, for God's sake. " "Sorry," Kirk said shortly, without trying to sound as if he meant it. " "He murdered the other researcher there with us-" He stopped, as if unable to say the name, and then hurried past the thought.

I was able to save some of the records which were not overlaid. It will take some time to reconstruct the data, since it is not in any coherent format. I'm afraid we were left with isolated bits of information. " "You did what you could," Kirk said, not quite able to keep the bitterness from his voice. "We still have Adams. He's scheduled for a computer verification scan. " McCoy finally spoke up. " A muscle in Jim's jaw twitched; the doctor's suggestion that the Fleet might be involved in biowarfare research was becoming uncomfortably plausible.

And the fact that our boy Adams is infected with some type of bug that the computer is unable to catalog makes me very uneasy. Soon as I came up, I put Stanger and myself through decontam. Ran some blood tests, too. " Kirk asked. "My point is that Tanis is set up for work with microbes. Disease-causing organisms. I asked Adams what they were doing down there, and he handed me some cow patty about agricultural research-plant diseases and the like. But Tanis is a sterile, practically atmosphereless planet.

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