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By Stephen Fried

ISBN-10: 0307785483

ISBN-13: 9780307785480

We take our medications on religion. We think our medical professionals are well-informed, our drug businesses scrupulous, our FDA diligent—and our drugs secure. All too usually we're flawed. simply how flawed is documented during this severely acclaimed portrait of the foreign pharmaceutical by way of one among our such a lot hugely revered investigative journalists.

According to the magazine of the yank clinical organization (JAMA), hostile drug reactions are the fourth prime reason behind loss of life in the US. Reactions to prescription and over the counter medicines kill way more humans every year than all unlawful drug use combined.

Stephen Fried's spouse took a capsule for a minor infection—and ended up within the emergency room. a few drug reactions leave in a couple of hours or days. Diane's didn't. This emotionally wrenching adventure introduced Fried right into a five-year exam of the total pharmaceutical undefined, the main ecocnomic criminal company on the planet. carefully documented, Bitter Pills is a full-scale portrait of capsule making and capsule taking in the US this day, awarded throughout the robust human drama of medical professionals, sufferers, drug businesses, the FDA, and govt regulators as they struggle for regulate of our drugs cupboards.

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