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6 October 1974 The Monster as Muse Several months after the Otero murders, three talkative men in jail began to imply that they knew details about the crimes. Detectives quickly realized they were blowing smoke, but not before the story got into the Eagle. That story upset the one man who knew the truth. And he wanted credit. A few days after the story appeared, Eagle columnist Don Granger got a phone call. “Listen and listen good,” a harsh voice said. ” The man sounded Midwestern, his tone hard and aggressive, as though he liked giving orders.

It was the briefcase man. Steven’s mother put on her housecoat and went to the door. The man towered over the children as he peered through the crack. When he saw their mother, he pushed the door open. I’m a detective, he said. He showed Shirley a fake business card. He took a step inside, then another. Then he pushed the door shut and pulled out the gun. Don’t hurt us, Shirley said. Rader said disarming things to Shirley, similar to what he had said to the Oteros and Brights. But then he embellished his story: he had a sex fantasy problem.

Cornwell’s boss, Lt. Col. Bruce, went in after the bodies were taken away that night, walking past reporters and photographers stamping outside in the cold. They had shot pictures of the surviving children being hustled under the crime scene tape; they had filmed bodies being removed. This will shake up the city, Bruce thought. “Get some rest,” Bruce told his detectives. ” No one listened. Caldwell and Drowatzky volunteered to stay in the house all night. If the killer came back, they would greet him.

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