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Occult Paranormal

By J.H. Brennan

ISBN-10: 0850300754

ISBN-13: 9780850300758

This infrequent e-book contains strategies for Exploring and Experiencing the Boundless chances of the Astral aircraft.

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Denise passed into trance with her accustomed ease on the evening of the experiment. I suggested that she was leaving her body and travelling back towards her home town. The disiance involved was about a hundred miles. - She responded positively and I then directed her to go to our friends' house. Had she arrived ? She had. Would she go inside and enter the living room ? She did so. Was there a letter on the mantelpiece ? There was. At this point, results took a dramatic downwards turn. I asked Denise to read me the letter.

She did so. Was there a letter on the mantelpiece ? There was. At this point, results took a dramatic downwards turn. I asked Denise to read me the letter. But she refused to do so. She became agitated and said she could not. I asked the trouble and was told 75 with stnggering results. Arthui-had a very different temperament to Denise. A man of about forty, he was fascinated by the occult. He had lived in India for several years, where he studied Hatha and Mantra Yoga. He had some direct experience of Spiritualism and a knowledge of the esoteric, made remarkable by the fact that he had never read a single book on the subject.

The Abysmal or Water 3o. The Clinging Fire 3r. Influence or Wooing 32. Duration 33. Retreat 34. The Power of the Great 35. Progress 36. Darkening of the Light 37. Ttre Family 38. Opposition 39. Obstruction 4o. Deliverance 4r. Decrease 42. Increase 43. Breakthrough or Resoluteness 44. Coming to Meet THE ORIENTAL DOORWAYS 45. Gathering Together 46. 47. 48. 49. 5o. Pushing Upward Oppression or Exhaustion The Well Revolution or Moulting The C-auldron 5r. The Arousing or Shock or Thunder 52. Keeping Still or Mountain 53.

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