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By Aleksa Vukotic, James Goodwill

ISBN-10: 1430237236

ISBN-13: 9781430237235

Apache Tomcat is the most well-liked open-source de-facto Java net software server, regular for ultra-modern internet builders utilizing JSP / Servlets. Apache Tomcat 7 covers information on set up and management of Apache Tomcat 7. It explains key elements of the Tomcat structure, and offers an creation to Java Servlet and JSP APIs within the context of the Apache Tomcat server. as well as uncomplicated suggestions and management initiatives, Apache Tomcat 7 covers the most usually used complicated positive aspects of Tomcat, together with defense, Apache internet server integration, load balancing, and embedding Tomcat server in Java functions.

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Finally, we need to map the servlet to the URL, so that the web application knows which URL should invoke the configured servlet. This is achieved using the XML element (#2). Its nested element references the name of the configured servlet (it must be the same as in the servlet class configuration #1). The nested element specifies the pattern of URLs that will be mapped to this servlet. All URL patterns are relative to the context of the web application.

Listing 2-1. TestServlet 1 name value 30 In this example, we are setting three application-level elements, the first of which is the . This element simply describes the name of the web application, and doesn’t initiate any actions. The second web application-level element that we have defined is the element, which defines a servlet and its properties.

Note JSP files are actually complied into Java servlet classes by the servlet container, and each JSP file is running as a small servlet in Tomcat, invisible to the user. The next step is to copy the compiled class to the /apress/WEB-INF/classes directory of our web application, so it can be picked up by Tomcat and deployed successfully (compiled Java classes in this directory will be loaded by Tomcat’s class loader). Make sure to copy entire compiled class directory structure, as per Java standard; each Java package must have its own directory, with classes stored in directories matching their packages.

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