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By Michael Baigent

ISBN-10: 0140264485

ISBN-13: 9780140264487

This article discusses 20 mysteries which problem our approved view of background. issues coated comprise: have been there historic contacts among Europe and America?; might Atlantis have existed?; the real age of the nice pyramid; was once there a world disaster round 10,000 BC?

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The lignite coal which held it was dated to 10 million years ago. 32 Footprints which appear to be human have also been discovered in a number of sites. In 1938 Professor Wilbur Burroughs, a respected and widely published professional geologist, and head of geology at Berea College, Kentucky, reported finding fossil footprints dating from the Upper Carboniferous age, around 250 million years ago, at a site in Kentucky. 33 The Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Smithsonian Institution became interested in these, pointing out that similar tracks had been found elsewhere, in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

But we cannot. There is much more evidence of a similar nature: one mine-owner personally found a large stone mortar – used for grinding food – in a horizontal mine-shaft 180 feet beneath the ground surface, beneath the larva cap. 10 In 1853 a cartload of gold-bearing gravel was being brought out of one of the mines from a pit-face about 125 feet below the surface. Mixed in with the gravel was a well-preserved mastodon tooth (the mastodon is an extinct type of elephant) and a large bead of white marble, about one and a half inches long and just over an inch in diameter.

31 In what is unfortunately a repetitive litany, these bones have long since vanished and no other studies seem to have been made of them. We can have little doubt, however, that the miners reported the events just as they occurred. But were these bones of humans? Or were they of some early primate? Or were they some strange rock formation or mineral accretion? It would have been pleasing if the bones had been measured and described by an experienced geologist or biologist. And even more satisfactory would have been someone who had the foresight to store the remains so that we might study them now.

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