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By Raymond J. Healy, Francis McComas

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But now like vultures, worse than vultures, for they are not content to let him die in peace, they would prevent my client from enjoying his wealth in whatever manner best suits him for the few remaining years of his life. It is true that he has sold his holdings; is it strange that an elderly man should wish to retire? It is true that he suffered some paper losses in liquidation. ’ He was retiring and demanded cash. Is there anything strange about that? “It is admitted that he refused to discuss his actions with his so-loving kinfolk.

Their builders would come again. Till then‌—‌ naught bothered them in their silence.

They are afraid of losing their franchise. ” “Well, I’ll be a‌—‌ Can you tie that, Mac? ” McIntyre did not answer, but waited for Harriman to continue. ” McIntyre rubbed his chin. ” “Sure he would, Mr. Harriman. Of course you would, Mac. Luna City! ” “Captain, it’s the one thing I’ve really wanted to do all my life ‌—‌ ever since I was a young boy. I don’t know whether I can explain it to you, or not. You young fellows have grown up to rocket travel the way I grew up to aviation. I’m a great deal older than you are, at least fifty years older.

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