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By N. N. Sheftal’ (auth.), N. N. Sheftal’, E. I. Givargizov (eds.)

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A more detailed study of the stability of the alkali germanates enables one to define more closely the role of the A cations, as in beryllium, where the steric factor is the principal one. 2-4 A, which allows large cations such as Cs and K Fig. 5. Structure of zeolitic A3HGe7016 . 4H20 in projection on (001) showing groups of four Ge octahedra and empty channels. *At T > 185°C one gets only GeOz(t) with Ge in sixfold coordination, which indicates that the solution under hydrothermal conditions contains not Ge(OH)4tetr but Ge(OH)6oct' or even complexes consisting of 2, 3, 4, or more octahedra.

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à ОСТ Кà ИСТАЛЛОВ/Rost Kristallov/Growth of Crystals: Volume 9 by N. N. Sheftal’ (auth.), N. N. Sheftal’, E. I. Givargizov (eds.)

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