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By William J (William Joseph) 1867- Long

ISBN-10: 1599151898

ISBN-13: 9781599151892

Mooweesuk the Coon is named the bear's little brother by means of either Indians and naturalists, as a result of some ways during which he resembles the "big prowler within the black coat." An soaking up bankruptcy at the coon's mystery conduct starts this quantity, by means of tales concerning the woodcock, the wildcat, the toad, and plenty of different animals. chapters amazing for his or her prepared perception into the hidden lifetime of animals shut this volume,─one on Animal surgical procedure, describing many of the ways that wild animals deal with their wounds; the opposite on looking and not using a Gun, exhibiting the enjoyment of following even the massive and hazardous animals with the will in basic terms to be close to and comprehend them.

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For most birds and animals these common facts and their meaning are now well known, and it is a wearisome and thankless task to go over them again. The origin of species and the law of gravitation are now put in the same comfortable category with the steam engine and the telegraph wire and other things that we think we understand. Meanwhile the air has unseen currents that are ready to bear our messages, and the sun wastes enough energy on our unresponsive planet daily to make all our fires unnecessary, if we but understood.

As he grows he climbs to the entrance to his den, and will sit there as at a window for hours at a time, just his nose and eye visible, looking out on the new, bright, rustling world of woods, and blinking sleepily in the flickering sunshine. Then come the long excursions with his mother, at first by day when savage beasts are quiet, then at twilight, and then at last the long night rambles, in which, following his leader, he learns a hundred things that a coon must know: to follow the same paths till he comprehends every crack and cranny, for the best morsels on his bill of fare hide themselves in such places; to sleep for a little nap when he is tired, resting on his forehead so as to hide his brightly marked face and make himself inconspicuous, like a rock or a lichen-covered stump; to leap down from the tallest tree without hurting himself; and when he uses a den in the earth or rocks, to have an exit some distance away from the entrance, and never under any circumstances to enter his den save by his front door.

The whinings stopped abruptly and a face appeared in the dark knot hole—a sharp, pointed face with alert ears and bright eyes that looked out keenly over the still woods where only shadows were creeping about and only a wild duck disturbed the silence, quacking softly to her brood in the little pond. Then the whining began again in the hollow tree, and four other little faces pushed their sharp noses into the knot hole, filling it completely, all watching and listening, and wiggling their chins down on their fellows' heads so as to get a better view point, yet all eager as children to be out and at play after their long sleep.

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