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Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. 33 DEFINITION OF TERMS Acceleration – the process of moving a student through curriculum and/or grades at a more rapid rate than grade level peers Alignment – how a curriculum connects across grade levels Ascending Levels of Intellectual Demand – the process that escalates one or more facets of the curriculum in order to match a learner’s profile and provide appropriate challenge and pacing. Compacting – the instructional practice of assessing students’ prior knowledge and skills and modifying and/or eliminating curriculum that would be repetitious or could be learned at an accelerated rate.

Synthesize and interpret data. Develop conclusions and implications in the light of the problem. Plan, pace, implement, evaluate an independent project. By the end of grade 6 By the end of grade 8 By the end of grade 12 • Classify information by subtopic. • Complete a data chart to organize information from research. By the end of grade 3 • Organize information/ data in the following ways: • --chronological order • --sequence of steps • --generalization/ • evidence pattern • --comparison/contrast • --subtopic • --data table • --graph • Construct a concept map or web for the topic, problem, or issue.

No. As you begin this process, you should work with the material you already have on hand. In addition, it is perfectly acceptable to use published curriculum material if it is high quality and geared to the abilities and interests of your gifted students. You will, however, need to include the same template information for these materials as you would if you wrote the curriculum yourself. 10. Do I need to include actual lessons in my gifted program document? No. The Cycle IV document is an overview of your curriculum, not the curriculum itself.

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