Gary Solomon's A Ballad for Allison Porter PDF

True Crime

By Gary Solomon

ISBN-10: 1618130412

ISBN-13: 9781618130419

Dr. Solomon's first novel, A Ballad for Allison Porter, is a mental mystery within which he comprises habit, abuse, demise, abandonment, love, betrayal, and revenge, all resulting in a ugly murder.


Allison has now not acknowledged a observe to a person because the day of her arrest. while information reporter, Kevin Pratt, is assigned to interview the taciturn Allison Porter, astonishingly, she opens as much as him. Kevin leaves the interview made up our minds to discover the lifetime of the true Allison Porter. achieving Allison's vacant domestic, Kevin reveals his approach to a gloomy closet in Allison's youth bed room. discovering an previous shoe field full of miscellaneous keepsakes, Kevin selections in the course of the items of memorabilia. As he touches every one merchandise within the field he flashes again to Allison's earlier. sooner than the day is thru, Allison Porter may be useless and Kevin Pratt will vow to maintain her reminiscence in, A Ballad for...

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I felt like I had escaped, an unwilling celebrity, trying to make my way off of center stage. ” one rather manly woman fired at me. “She decides to spill it? They all do, you know. Just like the movies, kickin’ and screamin’, prayin’ for God to forgive them. I can assure you, God’s turned his back on this one,” she snickered. “You could be a rich man. You need someone to help you write the book? Here’s my card,” one guard said, pulling his identification out of his pocket. “I’m a writer, like you.

Keep your feet on the floor and your hands above the table at all times. ” Pointing to the top right corner of the room, he explained, “You will be monitored via the camera. You will not be recorded or monitored by audio. I doubt seriously that there will be any conversation going on in here anyway. No matter what we do to try and talk with her, she still won’t say a word. ” “I’m not…” “Mr. Pratt,” he said, looking me straight in the eye. “She’s set to die at midnight. At this point, she can’t be anymore executed for killing one more person.

I don’t know,” my dad snapped in response to my stuttering and tears. “The damn thing’s just gone. Be a man. ” “Oh, come on,” my mom sneered. “You don’t miss him. ” Maybe I saw my parents as thoughtless as the inhumanity that governed Allison Porter’s future; maybe I’ve always been enraged over their treatment of me and the loss of my dog, Skippy. If mocking crows escorted me down the prison’s winding egress, I took no notice. Hope was merely a deterrent to allow me to drive at a speed that would have me home that much sooner.

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